You May Refer To Us As The Cosplay Gods

We are the Cosplay Gods.
We travel across America and maybe, in the future, to other coutries, as well, and we cosplay. If you ever spy us, you shall immediately proclaim "I HAVE SIGHTED THE COSPLAY GODS!!" Then we shall travel again. We will never tell you where we are.
We also find other fantastic cosplays.
Our cosplaying travels are not happening now, but that doesn't mean we still aren't making fantastic cosplays and keeping our eyes out for marvelous cosplayers throughout the internet. We also know a great deal about cosplaying. Yes we were beginners once too and we've learned from past experiences. So, you can ask us ANY cosplay questions and we will do our best to help you. We will post bad examples of cosplays, as well as good examples. I hope our blog is helpful and entertaining. And remember. We Are The Cosplay Gods.

NOTE: If you aren't comfortable with us using your cosplay(s), message us, and we will take them down.


We are really truly sorry for lack of posts, we’ll try to get lots more in the queue today. Also my sincerest apologies to those of you who have requested things. We have lots of requests to fill. 


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